Best way to remove bird crap?


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****** pigeons have crapped all over my car :mad:... does anyone have any tips on how to quickly and easily remove bird crap without scratching the paint?


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bicarbonate of soda wrapped in bread. Feed that to them and it will stop them shitting. And blood is a lot easier to clean when fresh :whistle2:

however, this is only recommended for seagulls...........


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Thanks... I'll give that a shot... learn't the hard way that it scrathches paint when you try to clean it...

Bicardinate of soda also good idea! They are flying rats. They also tend to nest very near to where I have to park. Tempted to buy an air pistol and leave a couple of dead ones there as an example to rest of them!!


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Try to not rub it at all if possible, if you have a pressure washer take it off with that, using any cloth will put some scratches into your paint work!

Just try rinse it off with a pressure washer if ya can!
I soak some kitchen roll and leave it on for a few mins, when I take it off the bird crap comes with it, no need to wipe/rub


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mix up some nice warm frothy shampoo (not herbal essence car stuff lol) and with a sponge squeeze some out on to the mess leave for a while then hose off, failin that do what Faz said any type of sponge will drag the sh!t across your car!!

if none of that work sand blast it off defo wont have any left after that!! lol