Best way to listen to purchased music?


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Dec 25, 2011
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I wrongly assumed my A6 C8 Black Edition would have a multi CD/DVD interchanger built into the glove box but no, nada. It has a few USB ports and a SD card slot in the glove box. So if I was to purchase a music album from Amazon or HMV, should i purchase the music in MP3 format? If so, is it just a matter of copying MP3 files onto USB or SD card and plug that straight into the car? Which is preferred for playback - USB or SD?
I would try to get FLAC on a USB Drive and plug it in. OR if you buy from iTunes then simply use CarPlay, that way you get lossless ALAC.

This is from the owners' manual...
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Thanks, so could i transfer the mp3 files purchased from Amazon to any USB stick and plug that in? That simple?
Ok sod mp3, they are a compressed format. After doing a bit of research, i think the best way to proceed is to buy the original audio CDs and rip them to FLAC lossless audio format using 'Exact Audio Copy' software and then copy the files to USB. Oh how I miss the days when you could just pop the music CD into the CD player into any car....
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I use an SD card, moved from last car. An SD card has the advantage of not sticking out into the storage area.

Regarding format. I was very sceptical about moving from CD (ultimate quality), to MP3, a compressed format and therefore inferior. I created MP3s at minimum compression 320kps. To be honest I've never looked back.

As far as easiest. Spotify coupled with Google Voice commands, which is what I use most since I got the car.
Got this sorted in the end. Bought a 64gb SD card - equivalent of around 128 audio CDs - and used 'Exact Audio Copy' software to rip the CDs into FLAC format and put the files onto the SD card. For some CDs bought fom Amazon directly, Amazon also offer the same music to be downloaded in mp3 format free of charge. So put the mp3 files on the SD card and TBH mp3 play fine.