best way to dry soaked carpet


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hey guys

well after the very heavy rain yesterday my self and my brothers cars has lots of water in it, well at least mine dosnt any more
i ripped the carpet out and no have it hanging up, i managed to sqeese a lot of it out, but is there defenate way of getting the water out completly, or is letting gravity do its work the only way?

stupidly i used the grommet for the bonnet catch wire to route a power cable. had every intention of running it via the ecu box but, well i didnt.

i can see the water line exceeded the height of the hole and now paying the price. but. my brothers car a audi a3 has the exact same thing, drivers side soaked passenger side dry,

so other then that hole i mentioned is there any other route the water can get in @(both a3 1999 and a4 1999)

also i know were mine is but were are the gromets on the a3? same place as the a4?

i know this subect is beaten to death and comes up every year but really would like to get this carpet dry.


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the carpet is "out" of the car, and no that wouldnt work its all soaked up in the foam.

as said its hanging up, but wondered if there was a better way.


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Ok so took a look. the chanel that runs under the ecu box was cloged. I made sure the drain under the battery was clear but didnt relise this is were the drivers side runs.

Carpet is 90% dry the sponge is holding some residule water so going to grab my dads vax and suck as much as i can up by pushing down on the sponge with the wand/tool. Plus give the carpet a very good clean!!