Best way to clean inside my exhaust?


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Apart from rags, water and elbow grease is there any products or methods to help get the inside of my exhaust tips back to there best? My exhaust is a year or so old and I want it stupidly shiny again!!

John @ PB

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Raceglaze Alutech Raceglaze Alutech Metal Polish | Raceglaze Car Care & Detailing Products applied with one of these cut into small-ish chunks: Lake Country Light Cut Hand Pad | Lake Country Car Care & Detailing Products

Or, alternatively, the same pad and Briliant Aluminium and Stainless Polish: Briliant Aluminium & Stainless Steel Polish | Briliant Car Care & Detailing Products

For results with the Briliant, have a wee look of Clark's Land Rover Defender write up here: Polished Bliss®: Land Rover Defender... - Detailing World


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when i had my scooby people on that forum would spend hours doing the inside of there exhausts



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i always like to leave the inside black, surely it will be black in 5 mins??


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i used autosol metak polish , some wet and dry fine paper,a scotch pad or very fine green scourer , then some more autosol buff it up and your done nothing wrong with keeping your pipes clean