Best Wax/sealant for black car

Any ideas on best wax/sealants for hand use

More questions I'm afraid but it will narrow down the range otherwise you will get lots of different answers based in everyone's personal favourite. A bit like asking what's the best car but if you ask best SUV with good mpg the answers will be more focussed. So

1) How long would you like it to last i.e how often are you prepared to top it up. As a rule of thumb longer lasting products require slightly more care in application

2) Do you have a preference for spray on or solid products

3) How important is ease of application to you see 1 above

4) Do you want lots of water beads when it rains and do you want the surface of the car to feel very slick when you touch it - this may seem a strange question but certain products give great gloss, lots of beading but don't feel slick to the touch

5) How much do you want to spend

I hope I've covered all bases here but if not I'm sure people will chime in with anything else

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I fine collinite 845 really easy to work with. Keep it out the sun so it does t bake on but otherwise very easy.

Whilst not as glossy as some alternatives, it lasts really well…
Poorboys black hole is great. Easy on and off and leaves a great finish

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Poorboys black hole is great. Easy on and off and leaves a great finish

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That’s a glaze. Not a wax or sealant but I agree really easy to use and for a good job for that final 5% of the finish
My wife used to have an A2 in Cobalt Blue, which just looked like black. It would show the slightest mark. I used a machine polisher with Menzerna 203S, wipe off with methylated spirit, then applied Meguairs Deep Crystal carnuba wax. Goes on easily for a beautiful wet look finish. For something more durable, Collinite 476S. It's dustless when wiped off. Avoid Collinite 915 it's difficult to work with.
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I find that for sealents CarPro Reload does a decent job but Bilt Hamber is the best! Recently purchased some Meguiars Quick spray wax for in-between major washes and that's been a good go to one for me.
If you can give me some tips on dealing with scratches that show up on black, painted surfaces, you'll help me out a lot. I recently learned to drive, and I do it very carefully. Still, I've had trouble entering the garage a couple of times and have been left with a few scratches on the car. I want to paint them myself, but I have trouble choosing a sealant among Seal With Ease. Are there any super-effective means of getting rid of scratches on a black surface? Since I've never worked with cars before, I don't know how or what is best to use. Thanks in advance!

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