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Jun 10, 2013
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North Lanarkshire
Ok, so my clutch has been getting a bit of a hard time of late :0)) and being a tight Glaswegian, I'm looking to upgrade it soon for something a bit better than standard, for as little money as I can get away with. Anyone got any suggestions or links? Sure I heard somewhere vr6 clutches fit and are pretty good? Any and all suggestions / experiences welcome.
Depends what you mean by performance and value for money... clutches are subjective at best... how good they are etc is largely down to how you use it... not just about power etc... if you spank a clutch it will wear more quickly than if you drive up and down the motorway all day...

OE clutch will handle the power from stage1/2... if you are the kind of driver that launches (particularly with quattro) then you will nuke even a new clutch in no time at all... aggressive gear changes etc all contribute...

Clutches are not cheap to replace although they can be cheap to buy... an LuK clutch (OE manufacturer) can set you back less than 150 quid... factor in though a new concentric slave cylinder and potentially a new DMF then up to 8hrs fitting and the costs soon mount up...

Westy has had good results from the clutch kit he bought from Awesome but I still like the combo I use which is LuK DMF, LuK clutch pressure cover and Sachs paddle plate... OE feel on the pedal, plenty of bite, not juddery like some paddle setups and you can launch the crap out of it... however... Mine lasted just over 20k miles.. the plate that is... the DMF and cover will go again of course... I reckon I could have got another 5k out of it (a years motoring for me) possibly more (unless I took it to the strip)...

That said... given the abuse I have given it and the 18months of hill starts from my previous jobs rat run I think it did ok and feel confident in getting 30k plus out of the next one...

Its perfectly capable of handling power though and I am happy to go this route again myself... the current state of the clutch can be seen here

TufftyClutch is the one! That's my next clutch anyhow!
Tufty that's good advice, my s3 is 250 - 260 ish bhp and I don't do track days or sprints. Yet.

prob go for similar set up to yourself. Thanks again.