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Generally, What make TV is a good buy? I’m looking for something around 55-65”. We have previously had LG which We have never had any problems with so I’m swaying towards another. Thanks in advance


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Panasonic. Have 5 in my house currently and been buying them for over 20 years and none have developed faults, only charged them as new technology evolves. I always buy from John Lewis which are always the best price and with 5 years guarantee. Usually ask them for a price match if cheaper elsewhere and always get it. Hopefully they still do this.
As with any flat TV, you have to ignore the sound quality as they are all rubbish with small speakers. Run the audio output through your hi fi or AV surround sound system to best audio experience,. I prefer using the Nicam Stereo, seems a better soundstage to me and surround sound is unatural to my ears.