Best radio station to listen to in the Audi


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Yeh I'll go with those two, anyway, when is Kiss FM gonna be nuked and blown to sh!t..


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Radio 1
I went off radio 1 years ago, sign of getting older I think...
Kerrang rocks and they don't subscribe to saturation playing of Christmas songs in the months leading up to the big day.


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easy going Si

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Radio 4 and Radio 3 or Classic or Jazz or Smooth lol and Rte irish radio if I've got 3g on my phone but I'am 47 lol and getting old


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defo NOT Radio 1, utter sh*te and our local tin pot radio stations are just as bad
I listen to 1053AM TalkSport (I think I'm the only one I know that listens to AM rather than FM!!)
I'm #oldskool or just #old (not sure which)


different gear
I cant bear any stations,1 song,advert,another song,advert,more adverts,adverts,adverts...

Cd or phone 99% of time.


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I find that lovley slot thing in the front, if you put a circle shiney thingy in it, quality tunes come booming out, except for when the mrs is in lol
Don't have one of those 20th Century slot things, use a hard drive with my full 60GB music collection on it - but still use the radio for traffic announcements (Wave 105 when local or Radio 2 elsewhere in the UK).

too hot

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Radio 2 or Radio Scotland particularly Bryan Burnetts Get It On every weekday evening 6-8!
I'm buying a DAB radio so could have a bigger selection next week ????!!!!