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Best place to source Koni Susp + R32 ARB's-Mod the S3

keendean May 1, 2006

  1. keendean

    keendean Member


    My S3 is having a treat with a custom Jabba remap in June, pennies getting low after that, I'm having the Koni Sport suspension setup with adj shocks.

    I've got H&R springs atm (500 miles on them) which I'm going to sell as it costs as much to buy a shock per corner than it is a full kit from Koni, plus they will be matched is this the best idea?
    How much will the springs be worth? They cost me £165 + del.

    Where is the cheapest place to get Koni suspension? I've looked at Awesome and they look pretty competitive, any others to try? Full kit £325 + vat atm on their site.

    Also looking at Neuspeed Arb's they seem expensive, where is the best place to source R32 Arb's as these are 19/22mm?
    I'm guessing Vw have little stock?
    Will I need to buy any other parts to get them to fit?

    I know you should not modify cars on a budget, but its this or get rid of the s3 and buy another car completly, I'm going to take my chances and hope this will transform the car.

    Adj rear tie bar arms will come last when I have some spare $$, I heard Jabba is the cheapest place to get these, £175 exchanged.

    Sorry lots of ideas and limited funds, after the remap I have about £600 left to spend, fitting the suspension I can do with a mate so money saved there.

    Do 2nd hand ARB's either Neuspeed or R32 items come up on the second hand market much? Is it worth waiting for them and just get the suspension sorted?

    Hope this post makes some sort of sense.

  2. i got both my anti roll bars from pplon forums and both were brand new /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif.

    id stick with your h&r`s and get bilstien shockers to go with them.

    all you need if arb and bushes the rear is easy to fit, havnt tackled the front as i think the sub frame has to be lowered .

    if your selling the h&r`s though i might be interested but there is a group buy starting soon.
  3. keendean

    keendean Member

    The bilstein shocks are about £400+ where the Konis are £325 +vat for shocks and springs so sell the H&R's and have money towards the Konis, which means money left towards ARB's.
    I had Koni's on my past Vw's and they always seemed pretty good IMO.

    Sorry, pplon forum?
    What is there a group buy on?

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