Best place to buy a big turbo kit?


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Doesn't seem to be any good pre built big turbo s3s for sale out there (for reasonable money anyway) so think I might aswel use my s3 as a base and start tuning up as can't see the point going the whole hog on the k04 when it still won't be enough even when maxed out so was wondering where people on here had bought there kits from.

I'll be looking at having 400bhp potential when the engine is all fully built but would settle on 300bhp at the moment really as still using it as my daily.

Any advice and recommendations greatly appreciated




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check Integrated Engineering but they dont provide kit as per say but do have great products


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All the kits I have seen (and used) have been pretty shoddy... IMO there is no such thing as a kit that simply bolts on.... the CTS kit I have seen had very poor fittings and had to rework the downpipe to get it to fit at all...

You would be better off buying the parts you need separately tbh... having done a few of these now there are things that some of these kits really seem to skimp on... water lines, oil drains, cheap fixings etc... just put a list together of stuff you need and work your way through that... fabricate the DP and the water lines....



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Taking everything everyone has sed on board apart from the halfords comment haha