Best paint job to compliment A3?


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Hi all

Ive seen a vast variety of quality colours on all the a3s out there & without starting WWIII :gun2: I just wondered what everyones opinion is on the best colour for the A3?
I never had the finish as a main priority when searching for mine but ive come to love the Dolphin grey mettalic on mine!


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Poll may have been way to go here....

For me: Sprint Blue (Aruba was next best thing)


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Black is best I reckon but if I was going S3, I'd defo get Sprint blue as i always see that sort of blue as a performance Audi colour, my fave 8L colour was Nogaro blue too and I always thought my moms old Jazz blue Bora was cool!


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Im going to have to say Mizano Red


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I'm very happy with mine in dolphin grey, but the Sprint blue is a lovely colour

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Phantom - gorgeous but high maintenance

Ibis - as above

Sprint - stunning in the sun

Dolphin - always had a soft spot for it

I'm glad i don't have to chose!


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Missus has Dolphin Grey but I prefer the Monza Silver!:beerchug:!


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Phantom Black :D


S3 (8P)
S/RS cars - Sprint or Ibis
Other - Misano or Phantom


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Nothing beats Lava grey !


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Phantom black is great, for a day then it's dirty again.

Sprint blue looks great dirty and then stunning when washed :)

On an A3 though I would go for Ibis white.


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Sprint Blue is stunning but have a thing about black so the Phantom just pips it...


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Sprint blue is the nicest i seen if you want to stand out a bit, Shame the orange is a let down, that could have been so much nicer.


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Sprint blue is the nicest i seen if you want to stand out a bit, Shame the orange is a let down, that could have been so much nicer.

orange is awesome, shame its not the gallardos paint code as if you have orange, you might aswell have really bright orange! Still not seen an orange one in the metal only in pics. They are quite rare it seems, especially when most Focus ST's come in it :)

Ash B

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Well i dont have one lol! Depends if A3 or S3....

If it was an A3 I'd go for Lava Grey Pearl, Ibis White, Misano Red Pearlescent or Phantom Black
S3 i'd go for Sprint Blue:s3addict: Solar Orange or ImolaYellow.

But probably out of them all its Sprint Blue! Second Solar Orange!




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My car is mauritius blue which when sparkling, I think is awesome!


Love Ibis white and Sprint blue also!

Red is nice with optics pack and s-line bumpers!


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I can confirm that Ibis is high, high maintenance. Got on my tits after a while and I got sick of looking at it.

Loving the understated moody tones of my Monza Silver Black Edition these days