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Best Oil for 1.9tdi?

S3me Jan 16, 2013

  1. S3me

    S3me New Member

    My mom has just bought a 2002 audi a3 100 bhp 1.9tdi PD engine ATD engine code

    when searching theres so many oils people reccommend it makes your mind melt

    theres also the confusion of fixed or longlife service, which plays another part in the oil confusion

    I only want the best oil for the car, oil price doesn't matter as you can get oil cheap these days

    I don't mind using longlife oil on a fixed service if thats better for the engine, as I said anything whats better for the engine etc i'll do

    also note the engine has covered 114k miles if that has anything to do with which oil is best I thought i'd just throw that out.

    thanks : )
  2. Avatar

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  3. TDIQ

    TDIQ 8L > 8P > 8V

    TDI-Club did some research comparing different oils. In the end I use Castrol Edge 5w30 in my PD130. It's the VW 507.00 spec (Longlife for the 2.0 PD engines with DPF) and change on a fixed interval.
  4. Kave

    Kave Member


    Interesting this topic comes up.

    I also did a lot of looking at the 507 vs the old 505.01 spec recommended for the pd130. It turns out the 507 spec superceeded the 505.01 along with many other specifications, and while it covered the majority of the old 505.01 characteristics, it did not meet or exceed them all.

    What put me off is VW updated there recommendation inline so that most of its fleet is good with the 507 stuff, EXCEPT the old Toureg v10 TDI, which happens to be a PD diesel, they maintanied the old 505.01 recommendation. Now you read into that what you want, I say if its good enough for the ultimate incarnation of the PD TDI, then its good enough for my 1.9 :)

    As for the original poster, the ATD 100hp TDI is a tractor, im confident it would run for intergalactic mileage with any old lube, just change it every 10k miles and your sorted!
  5. TDIQ

    TDIQ 8L > 8P > 8V

    I wasn't aware that the 507 didn't meet all the of 505.01 specs. I have currently got it in there at the moment so when it comes to change the oil I may revert back to 505.01 as it is cheaper too. I'm sure that the 507 won't hurt a regular PD as the 2.0TDIs are more similar to the 1.9s than the 5.0 v10!!

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