Best lease deals for the 1.4 A4?


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Hello, I've been scouting about and it seems the new A4 1.4 is a very good bargain on lease.
From looking at a dozen or so sites I've found for what i want ie 2 years, 10,000 miles a year deposit around the £1,500 mark, the best I'm looking at is around £160 month on a personal lease.
Anyone seen any better deals for the above requirements before I pull the trigger?


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I think the figures you have are about the best you will get now, Audi dealers were doing them slightly cheaper but I think that's all stopped now.


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I bagged an A4 saloon at the end of January, 3+23 @ £179 per month (£4.5k all in for two years) direct from Audi. That was a 10k miles per year.

The saloon deal finished a few days later as Audi UK had used up the allocation, but they were doing the Avant last week when I checked. It came out at £5.1k over 2 years on the same terms as above. Try Doncaster Audi direct.

The 1.4 is a little "slow" for some, but it's good enough for what I need it for.