Best Applicator Pad


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Mar 28, 2009
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Hi Guys,
Bought and used Meguiars Stage 2 Polish and Stage 3 Carnuba Wax last week, with good results. Applied both with separate microfibre cloths but not sure if this is a good way of applying. Looking at various posts over the internet I think I should be using applicator pads to apply these products. Been looking at the Meguiars Applicator Pads, for best results should I use their foam pad or their microfibre pad.
Thanks for any help in advance.

I have used both and prefer the foam ones.Seem to get a more even coverage.
Hope that helps fella.

Thanks Andy, foam wouldn't be too rough then.
Many Thanks, Will order some.
Get in contact with Meguiars, say your planning on setting up your own valeting company and your thinking of using meguiars products and ask for some free samples to try out before you commit.

I did that and got 2 large microfibres and 2 polish pads through the post.