Best £20 I'm ever going to spend.


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Guy at work just bought one of these. It's a Syma S107 Helicopter. The stability (when flown properly) is incredible, well worth the 20 quid.

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That's ace!! Had I not already spent a ridiculous amount of money on myself for Christmas I'd be buying one of these!!!

That actually your video dude, or just a random YouTube clip? If so, what's with all the monitors? Ha


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Mate, sell some stuff on ebay, do anything, just get one, they are brilliant.

Yeah, that's our office, I filmed it on my phone.
Lol, the TEN monitors piled on top of each other belong to two of our traders. They think they're in the Matrix or something.


I want your faulty electronics
They look great, so much fun.
I just bought 2 for my Dad and Step-Dad, I really should have bought a third.
I might pop back and get another one for me. :)


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I think i'll try sell the mrs on eBay, I reckon she'll fetch £20.

And as for the dudes living in the matrix, that made me laugh! There's always a dude or two in the office who have to have the best pc etc, always makes me laugh. They're the kind of people who turn up on a day off wearing their jeans just to let people know they're cool!

And why the hell was this moved to you tube links? Surely it's not the case that every post which has a you tube link has to be in this forum? Bizarre


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yep got one as well bought my brother one in oct for his birtday and now bout one about 5 times the size from model zone for 60 notes same design but can cope with a bit of wind for outdoor flying see how that goes!!


i had one similar, broke it within 5 minutes, good thing i never took up flying, people would certainly have died if i did lolol


These are fun i used to dive bomb mine neer the misses head , she used to freak bad at the threat of the thing till she stamped it out .....hahahahahaha