Bespoke car Care - Shrewsbury : any reccomendations for this detailer


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I am looking to get my A4 Cab Detailed as its looking rotten, and have found a company in Shrewsbury callled Bespoke car care (

Wondered if anyone had any experiences of them and whether they can be reccomended

many thanks



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Hi mate,
Having had tuition from Lee and also seeing some of his work, he is no doubt one of the uk's premier detailers.

If I wanted my car doing and didn't have time to do it myself, I would only let Lee touch my car. He is a guy you can totally trust and I can personally vouch for his work.

Bespoke car care is 110% recommended.


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Thanks for that, I have spoken to lee and he seems like a top fella. Looking forward to seeing his work next week.


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I have no doubt he will exceed your expectations mate.

Nice choice of detailer.

Hi Bespoke here, I heard about this thread so thought I would post some of the pictures of the protection detail on Gilly's Audi.

And thank you dipesh for the kind words hope you're good.

so as this was just a protection detail to see the owner through the winter no machine polishing was done.

But a thorough clean, clayed, Glaze, 2 coats of wax, roof cleaned and protected with nanolex roof sealant, leather cleaned, rubbers protected etc etc.

And finally a picture the owner sent me of a small bit of water put on the hood to show the repelling properties

All in all a very enjoyable day for me and gilly was a great bloke


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Lee (bespoke) is a top guy, Really pleased with what he did with my Audi, a real perfectionist and i wouldn't for one minute hesitate in recommending him...Rare you find such a genuine / Honest fella

Thanks again Lee


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Thank you for the positive replys i will get a full machine correction up on the next Audi i do as black always looks good in pictures

and see you soon mark cheers


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Excellent, Lee. Lovely work.

A newly trained Swissvax gent per chance?


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Hi Jd no not swissvax trained alot of money that course been doing it a number of years now so not 100% i would beneifit from that course except maybe getting some extra work from porsche owners. And thank you for the nice comment