Being a cheapskate but has anyone fitted one of these to their car


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You get what you pay for and that will be a heap of junk that'll last 5 minutes
1) you get what you pay for: e..g expect it to overheat very easilly.
2) TV Tuner is single aerial (single tuner) and since there is no mention of DVBT, I'm guessing might even be analogue, so it will probably need to be re-tuned every time you stop.

Check - these were only $210 before they were discontinued and the model above them is now being heavilly discounted.

The £300 ones on eBay sometimes have dual digital tuners, but those also often overheat (but have been known to work on occaision).
Here you go:

TV tuner is PAL (analogue), so useless in the UK.

If you're gonna do the double DIN conversion anyway and you don't damage the car in fitting this, then it might be worth a giggle - just keep an eye on temperatures around the unit and it's an MP3 player + iPod AV input... and most of the high-end units have separate dual zone DVBT TV tuners, so you could always get one of those later and feed it into the Video line in (and re-use it if you get an RNS-E later).

edit: review from misc website: LINK
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If you're gonna gamble on a random AV screen from an unheard of Chinese manufacturer.... go direct from them, get the top of the range model with DVB-T tuner, that takes SDHC media (not just SD), has their new style "3D UI" and only pay £150, including delivery ;)

Eonon D2203D LINK

I'm NOT recommending either of these from personal expereince, purely based on a 2min search after you mentioned the E1012, until then I'd never heard of Eonon.

I still wouldn't put something like that in my pride and joy for fear of it short-cicuiting and setting fire to my dash, but if you're gonna be a cheapskate, then make sure you get better value for money... although I still firmly maintain that the cheapest on the market is seldom good value for money....

edit: I've come to the conclusion that these guys are properly nuts.... their .com US site advertises "free shipping to UK, Aus, etc"... and when you change the currency, they only want £150.... but if you go to their site, the same unit is £200.... rip-off Britain personified :blink:


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i bought the single din one of these 2 years ago. worked well. annoying chinese fonts but it done what it said it would. never broke and the touch screen was not too bad. bit annoying to setup aswell as teh instructions are **** but it was ok once sorted. mine only cost £69 quid offf ebay tho. won an auction. wouldnt pay £200+

also the images on the screen arent very sharp so doesnt look as crisp as the picture


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nearly all electronics are made in china malaysia etc these days so 99% is usually the same as high end stuff usually same led screens etc just un branded etc etc, most of the dvd/cd parts are of sony origin. i thoroughly looked into these a couple of years back as was gonna heavilly kit out an mpv but circumstances changed.


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Big difference between being made in China under licence from a trusted manufacturer and being made in China in someones kitchen!


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Yeap totally agree.
Often some of the screens / components are the same as major manufacturers, but just as often, the final assembly (screen connectors, micro-switches, etc) are only designed to work at POS (Point Of Sale), not for 10yrs+ as they would with an Audi original.

Main problem is usually the software that controls these things is very buggy and if "updates" are available, my past experience with these things (Mokia aftermarket accessories), they're so laden with viruses, you would have to disable your anti-virus to download and install the updates (not advisable).