Bearings again!


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Mar 20, 2017
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Car has been sounding like an aeroplane for the last few weeks, so I decided to change the d/s wheel bearing today and to no avail the problem has not been sorted. This is the second time i've change the d/s bearing (the passenger side bearing was changed last year. Using the process of elimination and hindsight. I am now starting to think it is the inner wheel bearing. Has anyone has this problem and can anyone think of anything that I may be missing?

Car is a 2.0 TDI non Quattro


Have you tried swapping wheels front to back?
Also how do the discs look? - Could try replacement Pads/Discs.
I was about to replace the driveshaft on my wife's hyundai, but new discs cured it!
Wheel bearing is more of a hum, other causes are more of a vibration.
This may sound silly, however bare with me, but are your tyres Decent?
By this I mean a decent brand, and of good condition?
I only say this because I had some cheap tyres once (triangle Chinese tat)
And they were the most noisiest things ever.
Changed them for Dunlop's, problem solved.
I personally don't think it's your bearings if both have been replaced lately.
Maybe borrow a set of wheels if possible somehow?

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