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We have been tuning the R8 for a few years now. The car is a great package and with some subtle tweeks it can easily become a fantastic fast road and track tool. This 2008 4.2 V8 car came to us totally standard. The brief was to keep it usable on the road and very capable on the track. As we have learned over the years, to achieve both you either have to compromise or have the facility to make easy adjustments...


The V8 exhaust is both highly restrictive and extremely heavy. The Primary Designs Performance exhaust alone will save 12.7 KG's. That is just over half the weight of the original. A further 5.6 KG's is saved by removing the Audi heat shield, made redundant by the ceramic coating. The PDP system is made from top grade (316) stainless steel and TIG welded for better strength and durability. The quality is immediately evident and the icing on the cake, literally, is the whole system is then ceramic coated. The coating keeps the heat inside the tube which reduces the temperatures in the engine bay and also improves the flow of the gasses through the system. The secondary cats are built into the original silencer. On this system we have included high flow secondary cats, but it can also be supplied with the cats removed. When the V8 is allowed to breathe it picks up revs much quicker and the sound is adorable!
As an aesthetic improvement we fitted the oval tail pipes from the R8 V10. They are a straight swap and no modifications are necessary to the bumper. PDP are working on a set of Titanium tailpipe trims which we expect to be available in the next month or two.


The Revo Technic software is designed to make the most of the more free flowing exhaust system. We do our performance testing using GPS logging and recorded a 25 BHP gain over standard. The most noticeable improvements are in the midrange and the smoother power delivery makes the car more drivable, especially exiting a corner. Throttle response is adjustable using the Revo software to tailor the way the car reacts to your input.

We have recently moved over to using AST and MOTON suspension. They are both less well known compared to some of the more common brands. However, they more than make up for this in the quality of the product. A big selling point for us is the big, easy to operate adjusters. It is really annoying with some other brands, fiddling around with little allen keys etc. Our customers want their cars to be capable on track and generally need a stiffer ride. When used on the road they need to be adjusted to be more compliant with the bumps and uneven surfaces. This is easy to achieve with the easy to use adjusters.

With the suspension fitted, the car is then set up for action using our Hunter 4 wheel alignment system. We reduced the ride heights by 15mm with an additional 5 mm rake. We keep toe standard so the car can be used over long distance and not affect tyre wear adversely. The camber is increased to reduce wearing the outside edges of the tyre on track also increasing grip and maintaining a more even spread of heat across the tyre. The car becomes more responsive on track and understeer is reduced.

Following our experience in 24 hour racing using Endless braking products, they really do what they say on the tin! The braking power is improved, fade is a thing of the past, they last much longer and disc wear is significantly reduced. They do come at an increased initial cost, which is worth it just for the improved performance. When you also consider they will outlast the usual track day pad by 2 or 3 times and double the disc life, the savings can be huge, not only in parts but labour too.
To further increase the braking feel, we designed a set of Teflon lined braided hoses and flushed the system with Endless Brake fluid.

Those wanting to further improve the braking performance and reduce unsprung weight can opt for the Audi R8 Ceramic brake upgrade. We are approved Audi installers for this genuine kit. When fitted the Audi system will be added to your cars spec and covered by Audi's original manufacturers warranty.


The car will be out on its first track outing this Saturday with Goldtrack at Silverstone. We can make fine adjustments and dial the handling in to the driver's requirements. This is all dependant on the weather of course, it is -5 here at the moment...​

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