BCS Powervalve

Robin Chandler

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Can't say I enjoyed my 170 mile journey up north after a 12 hour night shift but I certainly enjoyed my journey back after having the above fitted .
Sounds ****** amazing. Can't stop grinning every time I get on boost!
Just add boost .
The guys are great. Couldn't ask for more. Looks and sounds amazing. I'll get some more pics up soon.
If your contemplating an exhaust, just do it. You won't be disappointed.


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I've had this system for three years now and still love it - good choice :)


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I wanted bcs but i cant afford it right now as want other things. So ive gone custom


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I have to say as someone who purchased one off these from a fellow member on here i have never looked back since i got it , with the Bcs and Itg my car seems to pull quicker and run smoother .so if you ever want to put your hard earned cash into something and reap the benefits get the full turboback from Bcs .


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Money well spent that looks spot on mate, enjoy!


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Nige and his guys did a superb job making up a 90mm custom system for my car,and although it's pretty loud,the system is beautifully made,and does exactly what it was supposed to.....allowing the engine to breathe freely with 550bhp.