BCS Powervalve REV II Exhaust System

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The new for 2018 updated REV II Audi S3 (8p) Powervalve Exhaust will provide you with everything you need to take the S3 (8P) to its maximum power potential- the new design features built-in pops and burbles plus the incredible on boost and unique Powervalve effect.

The Powervalve offers a unique perspective on exhaust technology, providing the driver with the option of two distinct natures.

When the car is pottering around or cruising the sound is at once uplifted and noticeable but yet controlled and non-intrusive. However, once the car is driven aggressively and produces 8psi of boost pressure everything changes and the sound becomes purposeful and redefined reflecting the true essence of the S3.

All of which is under the complete control of your right foot, therefore, you determine the sound minute to minute depending on your particular driving requirements.

By using this unique interaction, the driver ceases to become desensitized in the way you would with a non-variable sound, leaving you looking for more opportunities to go out and enjoy the car in a far more connected and emotional way.

Please call on 01744 610244 to place an order if required.

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