Bcs powervalve experience s3


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Well after much deliberation I decided for the full powervalve system with the Oem style pipes.
After reading many reviews on here.
I must say I've not met a more knowledgable and friendly team before and would strongly recommend powervalve.
The car has lost a lot of in car noise at low throttle, cruising speeds.
However under load it's quite loud, but not so inside the car unless the windows are down.
Only when I was demonstrated a drive by is it really noticeable and puts a bit of a grin on your face
Car does now seem a little more eager to pull away, it feels free somehow, like the handbrake was on a notch before? Early days only fitted Friday and no dashboard lights as yet
Anyway I'm revo stage one currently, and a panel filter and at this moment no plans to have an induction kit as I prefer quiet under the bonnet ( I'm 47)

Very impressed customer and well worth journey for the expert fitting


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Very good choice to use BCS,Dave and Nige top guys .


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As said already, BCS are fantastic.

All the guy's are friendly, and there work is brilliant. The products are top quality aswell I'm very happy with mine :)


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Over the moon with my bcs had it about 9 months with my ceramic black tips it looks like a dirty oem system takes people by surprise when I get on boost