BCS downpipe fitted


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I had this fitted yesterday and I have nothing but good things to say about the product, Nige and his team.

Firstly the product, looks great (I know you will not see it under the car) very well made, just a quality product.

The exhaust now has a deeper tone without being intrusive. I was able to stay in dynamic mode on the motorway without getting a headache :) I only really noticed a real difference in noise, when I put my foot down. The car seems to pull a lot sooner and stronger. It has definitely brought the smile back to my face.

Nige and his team were very friendly and accommodating. I was shown the old part when it was taken off and the new one both before and after fitting. I would certainly recommend them to anyone. The kettle, was put on straight away too :)

I am not 100% sure if I will get another exhaust now, as I like the way it sounds just with the downpipe. I will certainly wait to see what BCS develop for the S1 before buying anything else.




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Hi mate you are the latest member of the BCS club, Dave and Nige are great guys and their exhausts are top quality.The kids B6 S4 has a full 200 cells exhaust which sounds lovely and deep with a heavy foot. Enjoy mate.


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Same here on my A3 2.0 Stage 2 - was going to go the full swap but the sound has increased over time (been on around 2ish years now) and I'm happy with just the BCS pipe ...