bbs ck's or vmr style?? cant decide


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hey guys after not having any luck with finding any ck's every set that came up for sale were gone by the time i got around to them so a guy was selling a set of vmr style 8.5x19 with 4x 225 35 19's on a vw forum so bought them last friday but then on saturday came across a set of ch's so called the guy and bought them too they were 8.0x19 with 2 x 225 35 19's the vmr style ones were being shipped and with bank holiday in the way they arrived on thursday so put the bbs's on one side to see how they looked whilst i waited for the vmr's with tyres to come so could take 2 tyres off there but now put the vmr's on the otherside just to see what they look like but they look good too so now i cant decide. but been driving around over the weekend with the vmr's being wider and the car lowered there catching slightly even with the bumper screw out and had to shave down the plastic edge of the bumper slighly for both sides . now the bbs's are fine but vmr's rubbing so might stick to the bbs's with them being originals aswel better ride. what do you guys think?


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aren't those bbs ck?
both are great looking wheels, but my vote goes for bbs.


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I have a set of bbs ck in anthercite with Avon 225 35 19 tyres for sale coming off my S3 after gti international as my car will be on the revo stand .

£900 if any one is interested .


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aren't those bbs ck?
both are great looking wheels, but my vote goes for bbs.

Was thinking that too - "those CHs look way better as 19s than I thought they did".

I was wrong, but at least I'm not going crazy. CKs get my vote.


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CK's all day long! They never seem to look done or old on an Audi.....