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where can i get these in 19" fitment for a 8P S3?. I understand from Damian that BBS have stopped production. Does anybody know of anybody who would have them in stock? Ta!

P.S i know there is a set on ebay but id prefer new.


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Does anyone know exactlty what size for 19" with et, fitment and width we would need, and would spacers be needed for an S3?



et of the 19" bbs ch is 50

i am led to believe that BBS have ceased production of this rim

fortunately i must have been one of the last to get them in my offset and et :D but i rang about everywhere before and to see if they were in stock anywhere and sadly no!

best bet for you is to check german ebay or chose a different wheel!


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I am gutted I wanted some 18s for my Sportback,.. but couldnt afford them at the time...:bye:


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mate, performance alloys have 1xset of 18" in stock for audi a3 fitment.