BBS CH reps


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Hi. Im after some 18" BBS CH reps. Does anyone know any sites that may have these as not much on ebay.I know BM autosports used to do them but nothing on their site at mo. Looking to buy preferable with wheels.Thanks


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Trading Standards have been very busy........

Ash B

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I wouldnt go for the CH Reps. My friend got them on his golf and the quailty is not the best he paid about £750+ including budget tyres. Ok they do look the business but the red lip has started faded after 3days of been on his car, a centre cap has fallen off. One centre cap has faded in colour. You might aswell have a look at the 18" VZ that PW-Motorsport sell. Same price as the reps but genuine and better quality. Here some photos of my friends reps off ebay





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I've seen these reps on an 8P s3, with full leather wing back seats etc.

What possesses someone to buy a £30+k car, then fit £400 fake wheels off eaby on it...?