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Anyone still about gaming?

I have a teamspeak channel if anybody about

Also have a squad page

Black Ops Squad


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Since its release, I've thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 3 easily 10 times over -- I'm not even going to get into how much I play the **** out of it online.

Food for thought though, for PS Plus subscribers, BF3 is currently free to download.


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BF4 beta is out on xbox now... some of the textures aren't there but it plays a lot better than COD. I just need to get used to the controls and how people play.


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I have BF4 beta on PC its not too bad... some attributes of 3 are far better :(


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I have BF4 beta on PC its not too bad... some attributes of 3 are far better :(

What attributes of 3 do you prefer over 4 beta? I'm a big bf fan. Preordered 4 and playing beta, my verdict is still undecided. Textures are certainly better on 4


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Its still only a Beta guys! things will be fixed!!

Not sure im a fan of the new vehicle controls they added - swapped them back straight away....


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I still play Bad Company 2. Slowly platinuming every weapon!


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Did anyone else here find that Bad Company 2 was more fun to play than BF3..... ?

And that BF3 was more fun to play than BF4?

It seems that the gameplay aspect is being dropped in favour of realism and graphics with every new release of the franchise.

Same with Crysis. The first game was great... but they overcomplicated the sequels and I think they suffered for it.


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Totally agree m8
BFBC2 was awesome - our squad played in the ESL pro league and it was great with lots of competitive games, teams and torneys. We done well and made some ££££ along the ways.

BF3 was not as good and we didn't bother competing but had good fun in public servers and we enjoyed it for fun purposes

BF4 came out and that was it - nobody played the game and everybody thought it was dump! Still to tbh and cant be bothered to play it.

Netcode and hit detection is awful - all looks and no substance imo.
Shame as it could be soo much more.

BF5 can go swivel as far as I am concerned.after BF4..they are going to have to do some thing very good to get me back on the franchise


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Yeah... I found the hit detection was poor... I used to be pretty good on FPS years ago... games like Counter Strike Source, original Rainbow Six's etc... I'm sure there's no possible way I could just suddenly become a bad aim after playing games like those for years and being good at them, but these new Battlefield games do nothing but make you feel you're a bad shot!

It's all about the upgrades these days - and ensuring that they force you to pay for them in order for your aim to be as good as it should normally be.

DLC has killed gaming in my opinion.

You buy a game for £50... but amazingly there's a map pack or upgrade pack available pretty much on the day of release. Which tells me that they're selling you half a game and have the full intention of robbing you further for you to get the rest of the content that it should've been supplied with on the original disc.

And we shouldn't be supporting developers by buying games using our XBOX / Playstation accounts. You get no tangible goods in your hands at the end of it, nothing you can take to a shop and part ex for a new game. You're stuck with it and when you sell the XBOX / Playstation you lose it. Everything's set up for maximum profits. Makes me sick.