Battery care


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Hi all,

I will be leaving the car (A3) for 3 months or so in summer, what is the best way to maintain battery health? I tried unplugging the negative terminal last time but the alarm went off, so this time round I am considering either a ctek or finding out how to disconnect it without triggering the alarm.

Thanks in advance!

P.S in anther thread someone claimed that this is the most appropriate ctek for the a3, any thoughts? START STOP


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Cheers, will definitely consider that. Regarding the alarm do you have any idea how to disconnect without tripping it??


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You could use VCDS to put it in "Transit Mode" to save power consumption
or just use the door buttons to disable the Interior Ultrasonics, again to save power consumption
But no, to removing the negative terminal without the sounder going off (I didn't know it did that)


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Use a CTEK unit as Veeeight suggests, why on earth would you want to disconnect the alarm, I would have thought leaving it for a long time, even in a garage would be safer if the alarm works. Other than that don't lock it.