Bare Grills


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So I've had me RS3 Grill fitted and love it. I'm still deciding where to put the number plate and if I should put on the S3 badge. Anybody got any pics of the honeycomb with the S3 badge on? Or should I leave it bare?


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Get a pic up of the grill.
I'd love to fit an RS3 grill but I'm preface lift so need to make one.
Have seen one with a numberplate sticker to the side under the headlight but don't know if legal..


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Had a side sticky plate for a while on my S3, had no chew off the police...
Then i preferred this look.


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Here's mine just fitted while I was pondering the plate. I know black on black isn't everyones cup tea but I love the stealth look I'm afraid, so I don't care.


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