Bang and Olufsen upgrade


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I have a 2015 A3 with the non Bang and Olufsen stereo. I enjoy the sound. I feel the Bang and Olufsen stereo would be even better without going with an aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier.

Assuming I can find a Bang and Olufsen system with wiring online, would it be simply plug and play or most connections not in the car stock

Or, should I simply ignore the headache and for aftermarket?


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I believe (after asking @DJAlix) on here upgrading to B&O is a pain and a 4 figure cost with labour and all that. Probably cheaper to use an aftermarket system

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Check out my definitive bang and Olufson thread on here using the search facility

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You could ask @DJAlix for an upgrade to your current setup. I believe he can add a front centre speaker, better door speakers and a subwoofer inside the spare wheel.


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If you don't have the Audi Sound System (next level up from the basic configuration which has an additional centre dash speaker and sub in the boot), @DJAlix can offer you this upgrade. I did it and it's well worth it; it's around £250 and there's an option to replace the door speakers too for a bit more (which I didn't do). I found for me the volume is plenty loud enough (without causing myself hearing loss) and sounds pretty good to me. B&O retrofit is serious money, my friend has it in her FL car and I can't tell a huge amount of difference playing from iPod etc, I suppose you need lossless codecs really to tell the difference.