Ball Joint


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Sep 28, 2010
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Hi Guys,

Could someone let me know, how much you would expect to pay for a ball joint for an 04 a3 and how long to fit one?
Do you mean the balljoint on the front wishbone?

If so, expect to pay £10-15 for a pattern part, and probably take 30 minutes to fit if all goes smoothly. They are pretty easy to do!
ok - so it's not too expensive then thank god.

blob - no never kerbed it it but been told it slightly loose.
go get genuine one matey,i fitted one for a friend last year a good make (Q&H) and the 3 pins wudnt line up 100% and had to use a bit of force with a small hammer (ouch!) still it did the job but it cost him £13.00 to buy,personally i dont use non genuine parts and in my opinion id of paid £24.26 from audi inc vat.
ok cheers for the advice VW754 - fo some reason the sound has stopped, though think i may go ahead and get it replaced to be sure
no probs get it checked properly,could also be link arm....not very dear to buy from dealer and also check top mounts...........there 70 quid a pair!