Badge Tuning?


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I've got an SE Avant, but so far I've added OEM 19" RS6 Alloys, Eibach lowering springs, roof spoiler and the S-Line Sports Seats (amongst other things).

Do you think its acceptable to put an S Line badge on the side? I'm not bothered about 'conning' people into thinking its an S-Line and I know badge tuning is a bit cringe (see a lot of BM's with it) but I do like the red flash on the side of the car!

Interested in what fellow Audi A6 bods thought...

I think all thats missing is black headliner and the front and rear lower spoilers, but I actually prefer the SE foglight shape to the S Line.


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My car is an s-line and I'm trying to remove the badge, S line is a body kit and harsher suspension! If you want to put a badge on just do it who cares if it someone spots it's an SE with s-line badges.


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Personally I wouldn't bother tbh, I removed most of my badges except the grill one and the Audi rings


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Kinda pointless, id much sooner de-badge than stick ones on.
Ive always been puzzled by the chrome badges on sale in halfords. Its possible to have a 24V V8 GTI RS SPORT and ive seen people who have done it.
Saying that S-line badge is allot less annoying the V8 16V GTI corsa.

People that can tell the difference may just assume your are an "s-line" wanna be, which is allot less cool than them appreciating a nicely modded SE.