Bad news!! The baby seat wont go in!


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So, the sole purpose of me selling my beloved M3 in favour of the S3, was to be a little more family orientated. What I didn't think to check was if the baby seat actually fitted in the car. Being naive I thought it wouldn't be a problem. But even with the seat forward, it's a real struggle to get it through the gap between the b pillar and seat. Then once it's in the back, the eat is so far forward, my girlfriend can hardly get her legs in. Not good! Anyone else had this problem? The seats just seem to be too big!!

So... I'm gonna sell the S3 I just bought, my baby is due on 12th sept and my dad has just given me a 2000 vw sharan to use. I'm not after making money on the car, so hopefully it'll sell quite quickly. Gonna put it up for £3600, which I don't think is bad for a facelift s3, with bose audio, heated seats, and a RR print out of 252bhp. Admitted, it's got it's niggles, but I'm hoping at that price, somebody will take it off me before the baby is born, as I don't want to be dealing with it then.

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Get another car seat, not another car!

JUst had my little boy 2 weeks ago. Thankfully the Mrs has a golf which is the 'family car', however have checked the car seat in the s3 and it fits okay. Have to tilt it slightly to get in the back, but it doesn't take up too much room away from the front passenger.

What car seat do you have? We've a silver cross.

It won't be long until the little tyke will have grown out of the car seat and be in something more upright and space friendly!
mate I take it you have checked lots of different baby seats??

if this is possible i would do it, in my astra (the 2.0 turbo family car!) i had to try a few baby seats in before i found one that would fit and let me still adjust the seats around, also i found putting the seat slightly more upright helped.

being an s3 it should have isofix in the back too so you have the option of belt fit OR isolfix, you may get lucky!

I am now onto a first forward seat for the wee man but have not done any shopping yet for the s3, probably gonna go for the recaro i saw someone on here had.


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Fancy a straight swap for my S2 Avant? 4 doors and big boot, plus decent performance.... ;)


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Its the silver cross car seat. We just cant seem to get it through the gap between the b pillar and seat, well, not without some hard shoving. Which I wouldnt want to do with the baby in it! And as I bought the car as much for my girlfriend as for me, I cant expect her to do that when Im not there! :(

Since I have the sharan, and I dont think im gonna get the time to put into this car what it deserves, I figured just sell it... argh! Im nuts i know, I have put an ad on this forum now, and its about to get listed on ebay! If it doesnt sell, i may keep it and try some of the other options. I think I'm just having a bad day! Especially as you guys seemed to cope ok! Do you think 3600 is a reasonable price to ask? I would have thought it was worth that in parts alone!! Ad is here:

Thanks for the offer dest, but I think Im just gonna go for the money to go towards our house deposit as I have another car now!


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I took junior home from the Hospital in my S3, I agree it's hard work, but not impossible. the gap is tight, as such you have to push the front seat forward to get the baby seat into the back. I had the wife travel in the back of the car also(I'm almost 6ft tall) which she was ok with.
I'm sure Nilzy will be along shortly with his tips, as he's just had a newborn not long ago.

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In all fairness Joe,Nilz has his own car seat. :sorry::undwech:

I would buy a smaller seat before chopping my car in. However someone will get a bargain with sircharles's S3


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My recaro preofi plus would not fit in the S3, well not in the back, anyway. The young sport will though, but the S3 is a tiny car inside!


Defo worth the wait :)
And Nilz finally arrives!!! :)

OK we opted for the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix with the Quinny Buzz 3.

The seat does go in ok actually, I have it behind the passenger seat and have that seat quite far forward as the missus is sitting in the back at the mo, while little man is facing backwards.

It goes in at an angle very easily and isnt much of a hassle, also with the pushchair in the boot, it doesnt go in with the wheels on, they do have to come off, but they are literally click on, click off and once its in, it hardly takes up any space, which is really good.

We have the isofix fitted seat on the base, and it makes so much of a difference.

Get yourself to a John Lewis if you can as there customer service is excellent and they will let you try before you buy, I know you have already got a seat, but if you want to keep the car, it might be worth selling your current seat and getting another better fitting one.

Hope that helps :)

Oh and Mark, like father like son, we have matching car seats :moa:


Defo worth the wait :)
Dude, to add to the above comments, dont sell the car, when our little one was born, the amount of times I heard "oh you'll have to get rid of the S3 now"

Now if i had a pound for everytime I have heard that over the past few months, I could afford another S3!!!

We have decided to keep the car and it will be fine, coz the seat will change soon, so will not be coming in and out all the time as will be there all the time when he can walk a bit more.