Bad experience with VW Golf R32 roll bar info needed


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I was just wondering if anyone can help me?
If anyone has had experience
If anyone has information about genuine VW Golf parts?
I would also like to tell everyone how **** this company is and advise people not to use them.
So I ordered a Golf R32 rear anti roll bar as an upgrade for my Audi S3 8l
When the item turned up it was a bog standard part from a normal VW Golf. So I contacted the company explaining what has happened in a very polite manner. The next email back was them saying they aren't prepared to do anything - I'd ordered the wrong part....the part on the website is correct, I've ordered for the wrong region to suit my car etc, you get the picture!
So I copied the link for the item which even has 2004 golf r32 in the title and reported the issue to PayPal. They reviewed the case and now I have a 16mm roll bar that is useless to me.
I would like some advise on this as the excuse they used is I've ordered a part for the wrong region. Yet the website won't even allow me to view parts without entering the region in the first page.
Does anyone know if the part numbers on all UK VW Golf R32 rear roll bars is the same?


Your situation sounds frustrating. There's a section in the toolbar for Parts requests. Post your question in there and someone from VAG will get back to you.


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Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've entered all the details but it's asking for a title and has an error message saying enter valid title. Thanks for all your help


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Thanks that seems to have done it but still not submitted I'm assuming I need to fill in the VIN number. I'll have to get it off the car later.


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Find one for sale, call the seller, tell them you need the vin to do a check on the car, job done.


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Basically genuine auto parts has admitted they supplied me with a US spec part. They sent the part to the UK and on the website the first drop down menu I had to select was UK as the region. It's not possible to view any parts until the information is entered.
Because I didn't supply a VIN number they are claiming it's my fault they supplied me with a US spec part.
The company has point blank refused to refund me from the first email.
If possible I'd just like to know some opinions on this. Am I wrong to expect a refund? (they also don't have the UK spec one for a swap so exchange isn't an option)


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They know the parts are region specific, but these systems are typically automated. It probably just spat out a picking slip for someone to go get out of the parts bin for shipping. The reality is that this is a failing in their system and processes, I'd keep pushing for a refund on the basis that there's are no us spec vehicles in the uk and they have a duty of care to make sure the part shipped is correct for the region it's being shipped to. It would be different if you'd supplied the part number, have you checked their site for disclaimers and information about the parts and what vehicles they're for? They're probably cover themselves somewhere on that front.

Sadly though I wouldn't be sat here convinced you'll get the money back. I'd say your better off phoning them and seeing if there's any thing they'd be prepared to do if you paid the shipping to return the part. See if you can find someone who's prepared to listen and take pity on the situation.


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Distance selling regulations any help to you on this matter? How long after you purchased the items did you let them know the part was incorrect and you wanted a refund?