Bad engine mounts, Bad experience!


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I want to warn all those out there that have a bad engine mount and are to lazy to replace. On Friday i was on a road trip with the local VAG group, a few mountain roads and bad curbs, we drove our cars to the max. I already knew i had a bad engine mount and was planning to change soon but while driving home i think my engine mount gave away. The aftermath effects were really bad as the engine shook to much the transmission cooling pipe snapped and all the transmission oil spilled out, luckily didn't destroy my transmission. I thought i would share this experience to warn you guys.


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What symptoms did you have prior to the mount going?
Which mount went?


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Hmmm....I was under my car at the weekend and noticed that both my mounts are leaking and my snub mount at the front is cracking. Think I should really get them all replaced soon!