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Backwards Blowers

beemer5711 Dec 2, 2019

  1. beemer5711

    beemer5711 Member

    Evening all,

    I noticed a while ago my car steams up when I turn of the A/C but thought nothing of it as my A/C is usually on.

    Then this morning, which is the first zero degree cold morning we've had, I noticed I really struggled to de-mist my car. It was in the garage over night so no frost but misted up when it got outside and really struggled to clear it. Eventually it was safe to drive but then within 10 minutes I had to pull over due to misted up windows.

    At this point I've had A/C on all the time and switched between auto, windscreen and manually setting the fan speed and direction.

    Here is where it gets interesting -

    When I got to work I pulled the top half of the scuttle off thinking there may be some soggy leaves down there when I noticed the recirculation flap was closed. Knowing that the car defaults to recirculation off I thought that was strange so I toggled the recirc button on and off to find that with recirc on (light on) the flap was open and recirc off (light off) the flap was closed. When the flap was open I put my had over it and it was indeed sucking air in.

    A friend at work has a 62 plate A5 so I pulled his apart to find that his does as I'd expect it to - default flap open which is recirc off (light off) and then when you press the recirc button to turn it on (light on) the flap closes.

    I'd like to add that when in my car the recirc button is off the fans are noisier like they would be if the recirc was on in a normal car. And vice versa.

    Has anyone any knowledge on this? Such as can it be reversed via VCDS? If not how the heck is mine backwards?

    Thanks for reading.

    The top picture shows the flap in the recirculation button ON (light on) position (flap open).
    The bottom picture shows the flap in the recirculation button OFF (light off) position (flap closed).
    As you can see, the opposite of how it should be.
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  3. 666markyboy

    666markyboy Well-Known Member

    Interesting..... gonna take a look at mine tomorrow as the screen demist is awfull ,,,has been since I bought it...my wife has an A3 same year and her screen blower is like a hair dryer really powerful and noisy...mines useless and ive long suspected has issues somewhere ...is there a separate cabin filter aswell as the pollen filter ?? I feel like something is blocked
  4. beemer5711

    beemer5711 Member

    Maybe an easy way to check is by toggling the recirculating switch to see at what state the fans are most noisy.

    it should be noisier with recirc on but mine is the opposite.

    I don’t think there’s another filter

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