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Background ambient color changes

David5182 Sep 12, 2020

  1. David5182

    David5182 New Member

    Just bought a 2020 A5 sportback. Love it. But i cannot change the interior background ambient color. The mmi menu isnt showing the color change controls... just the brightness. Anyone know how to enable that menu option. I get red color on startup, then goes to white. Had blue background in the cup holder until i changed brightness level, now blue color wont come back.

    appreciate any advice or help
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  3. HMG1K

    HMG1K Registered User

    That comes with the optional Comfort and Sound pack, which also adds upgraded sound system, 360 degree camera system and the ambient lighting.
  4. S32B

    S32B Registered User

    On my 67 plate it came as the 'extended interior led' option. If you turn it right down it does go off 100%

    Some of the options/packs are a rip off, I also got privacy glass as a stand alone option, I don't think you can do that now? Makes it more expensive if you only want one thing out of the pack!!!

    I like blue :)

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