Back with another Audi :)


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So I was a frequent user on the Ttforum when I owned my TTS. That however was sold due to me needing to free up some cash for a house move. So I have now "down graded" to a 2007 2.0t Quattro S-Line Special Edition. Whilst the car doesn't (currently:whistle2:) have the performance of my TTS, which was 320bhp, it's still a great car that my wife and I are happy with......We can actually take people with us in the back now :icon thumright:.

Couple of little jobs to sort on it, one being the common broken rear wiper. One alloy wants refurbing too, but apart from that it's really tidy.

So once I've sorted those bits I can look at toys for it. I'm thinking a remap, but can't decide on whether to just go for the bluefin ......anyone else on it??

Anyway looking forward to posting/pestering on here with questions etc over the weeks and months ahead :thumbs up:



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Yep.....I know, no pics then no one believes you have a new car :tearsofjoy:. Yep You can have one now that I've just finished washing it :sm4:........


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Welcome along Gaz. I remember you from the TT Forum (I'm still there!).


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nice clean motor!