Back with A3 8pA, recent road trip & breakdown

pistol pete

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Dec 13, 2011
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How do all.
How is this forum going, most forums i go on now days are a bit dead
I normally float around on MR2 forums (Q post of my MR2)


Anyway, little while ago i picked up a 59 plate TDIe a3.
Well looked after does mega MPG and on 30 quid a year to tax. I must admit i have been a bit in and out of love with it.
Its fine, does everything I could need it to do, but it just lacks in, well, basically anything. It is supposed to just be my runner for work and i use the MR2 for most other things, but with the MR2 have coilovers, be having a kid etc, i do use the audi quite a lot. I just want to make it a bit more mine.

Previous owner done some nice bits to it, added bluetooth, front rear dash cams, large brakes with 55mm front shocks and associated hubs etc

So first thing I done when I got it was a Timing belt at D&D in ashford, who gave it a good clean bill of health (I normally do my own work but this time I CBA)
It has also go a new set of goodyear eagle f1's AS5's fitted, some new rear brakes.
We then went on a road trip for my 40th, the MR2 can't seat 3 so we took the audi. I live south kent, we went all the way up to loch ness, where the clutch failed... grrrr
could not really be much further from home.
The nice people at LV go the car home and i hired a courtesy car for the rest of the week.

After this i really considered just get rid, as the car isn't interesting me at all, I tend to find german cars dull, and get a civic type r or a mini. But the Audi is great of fuel, i know its a good car, so maybe i just need to stick with it and sort a few bits. If i change cars ill end up having to spend out again on new tyres, cam belts, or any other faults. I have to play to fix the clutch so ill stick it out

I feel like the above puts a real downer on the car, i do really like it, it drives great, is very confy, starts first time every time, and is really clean. It just needs some Pizzaasss

i now have a new clutch on its way ill fit next week..
Then the question comes, what else can i do. I want to make it look a bit nicer, Its silver and i am not a huge fan of silver. It need a new rear bumper as was damaged when i bought it.
I am thinking the traditional black honeycomb grill, de wipered rear, maybe some side skirts and splitter. any other suggestions for a silver a3 sportback?

I wouldn't mind some powers :). It already has had an eco remap to get it to 140hp, but looking on Darkside developments with some injectors and a hybrid, i can see200-240hp. This for me would be an ideal number for the car, plenty of torque too.
Are darkside the best, or anyone down south that's recommended? i am happy to buy and fit the parts, then just get it mapped to save me some money. Barnsley is a long way from me and i have seen plenty of hybrid turbos cheaper online..

Any other suggestions welcome!

Here are some pics from the recent road trip to Scotland






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Dec 17, 2006
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Your MR2 shows you like to make your cars personal to you and so your journey needs to start with the A3. For me to bond with a car, I have to have done work on it. Mainly mechanical improvements or maintenance. I prefer my cars to look standard but go quickly!
But a car is bought for a purpose, the MR2 is for fun and the A3 is for family duties. It can still be improved but it will never be the open topped sports car. Bear in mind that a standard clutch may not cope with a hybrid turbo. Darkside have a good name.
I have a stage 2+ S3 for fun but my daily driver is a 17 year old Skoda Fabia estate. For one of my jobs, I visit areas where I would not leave the S3 but I’m confident the Fabia will be there on my return!! Subtle modifications have been made but outwardly it is a Grandad car. It will never be an S3 but it serves its purpose well in spite my whole family hating it!!!