Back to Audi ownership DTM style!


Six Audi's & Counting!
Hi fellow A4 and DTM owners, I'm Rog:salute:

I've just come back into Audi ownership, after a couple of years of absence. I have owned a few Audis over the years, two A3's (2.0tfsi Q and 3.2), a S4 B6 and an Audi 80 cab 2.6 V6 (project car) and plenty of VAG group cars. There are some of my project threads on here, if you want to look.
I am now the proud owner of this..not so beautiful (yet!) DTM :yahoo::greyrs4:

P1050938 by Roger Freeman, on Flickr

P1050939 by Roger Freeman, on Flickr

P1050940 by Roger Freeman, on Flickr

P1050941 by Roger Freeman, on Flickr

P1050943 by Roger Freeman, on Flickr

It needs some love and attention,, in the looks dept, but is sound mechanically and has FSH.

I'm well happy with it, it drives great too :racer:

I'll upload the progress over in the projects area, as and when I complete the jobs that need doing.

Rog :smiley:


Six Audi's & Counting!
Welcome back and nice looking motor.

Thanks Carl, It feels good to back in an Audi again :sunglasses:

Welcome back Rog. Nice car. Any mods planned?

Cheers Sandra,

No mods planned as yet. The immediate plan is to restore back to better condition, as it's been neglected somewhat in the cleanliness dept :flushed:


Six Audi's & Counting!
Progress thread added to the Project Room, if anyone wants to check it out. Already made a start on it:grin:

Progress Thread link.