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Back to AUDI, but need some 2.7t guidence

JJ.Foulds Mar 26, 2018

  1. JJ.Foulds

    JJ.Foulds Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, im back to the forum after had a couple year gap.
    Started in the a3 8p group, but had huge issues with oil pressure ended up selling for near scrap.
    I currently own a 6MPS but just not happy with it, running 300bhp which is great, but just not the audi build quality i enjoyed with the A3.

    I now have in my head that i want an, allroad with the 2.7T manual engine.
    Love the look of them and i know the suspension sucks.
    Or even thr A6 with the same engine manual, which might be the easier option.

    these cars are super rare and super hard to find.
    All the allroads come in auto boxes, and the ones that arnt are scrap and broken.

    All the a6’s are not 2.7t and when they are they are scrap and broken.

    So here the question.
    1. Does anyone know of places i can be looking for these other than ebay/gumtree etc?
    2. Should i actually even get this engine?
    3. Does anyone on here have something for sale maybe?

    In regards to 2. My specs for a car is it has to be turbo, quattro and cheap.
    O, and an estate/avant.

    The reason iv avoided S4’s are mainly price, and that the allroads are bigger.

    Maybe you guys can talk me in the right direction?

    (I was going to upload some pics of my mps but files are too large apparently. O well)
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  3. Majic

    Majic Member Team V6 Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    I swapped my a4 b6 190 bhp with votex kit(all factory) to allroad 2.7 bit manual and meh. Without remap its actually slower and the suspension makes u sea sick on roundabouts heh. I`v done stage 1 on it( approx 300 bhp) Now will be fitting coilovers and some nicer alloys :D
    At first i hated it but now i love it more and more :D
  4. JJ.Foulds

    JJ.Foulds Well-Known Member

    I will be doing the usuall remap straight away.
    But i really want to stay on the air ride, apparently theres a company that repair them with a lifetime warrenty.

    I really think i will love having a big useful boat thats speedy at the same time!
  5. Samuel c5 Q

    Samuel c5 Q Active Member Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    I had a test drive in a saloon manual 230bhp which my tdi mk1 Leon with 160bhp made it feel like it was going backwards. It also handled like a **** in the bowl. To be fair though I believe the suspension components where not up to scratch and the geometry was off. I have a c5 1.8t quattro which is a lot better and they share the same arms for sure and possibly the same anti roll bars albeit different springs and dampers.

    The bi turbo comes alive with a remap and once tuned, which is a bit of work with intercooler and exhausts or maybe even turbos to s4 or rs4 spec, and then they pull like monsters. The torque curve is wide as the ocean. They are a 100kg more nose heavy than the 1.8t and 10mpg more thirsty but the nose heaviness might only show up on a track day and the thirstiness is more than made up for by the mountain of torque and extra pace.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2018

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