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Evening all,

I'm in the midst of buying an A6 avant 1.8T tip auto, picking it up on Tuesday.
I'm all over the place with cars, I've traded a Jeep Cherokee 3.7L V6 for this one, and it'll be my second Audi. Mind you, that was my third Jeep.

I had an A4 avant 1.8T sport quattro before, about 3 years ago, fabulous wagon - I miss it every day. Almost as much as I miss the DC2 Integra Type R I had before it.

Like I said, all over the place with cars. I love them, and I always want something different! This A6 is hopefully going to do duty as our family bus, and I'm looking forward to getting more than 20 mpg - unlike the Jeep.

Good site this, see you around :cool:


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Hi there and welcome.

I see you live in Essex. Not too far from the next Audi meet. It's a great day to meet some of the ASN members and see what poeple have done to their cars.

All the details are in my signature.

Hopefully see you there.

Kind Reagards.



forced to complain
Well, I've got it. Beauty! I'll put some pics up when I get the chance - and then I'm going to want some advice what to do with it.

I have a hankering for 18s I think ;)


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:sign_welcome: to the site. Horrible avatar by the way. :haha:


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Hello and welcome. :greyrs4: :redrs4: