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Hi guys. Previously owned a couple of 8L A3's a few years back. But went to Focus St then onto my current Civic. Now after a neighbour hit this and didnt own up I've decided to come back to Audi.

Looking for some advice. Been looking through the site for buyers tips etc.

I've decided on a petrol version as dont do many miles and never been a fan of diesels.

Love the 3dr look but the sportsback front grill are they interchangeable? Is it an easy transformation for a home hopeless fixer lol

i'm thinking of just grabbing a decent 2.0FSI. Apart from the obvious FSH and basic checks are there anything else to look out for on these models?

Do all the 2.0 fsi have 6speed manuals or are there some with 5 speed versions whats best?
Not really an Auto guy after my Golf fiasco lol

are they better models to aim for? SE or Sport models etc?
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