Back in S3 number 4!

Ian W

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Couple more jobs done this weekend, the mirror glass on the drivers side has gone a bit manky so that got replaced and I modified by wiper blade so it no longer hangs over the edge of the screen :)






While I was messing with the wipers, I also adjusted how the sat in the screen as I fitted them a bit high when I put them on at Christmas, they look much better now.


Ian W

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Investigated the knocking this afternoon, immediately spotted something wrong, the hanger that comes off the downpipe has snapped. Hoping I can get an exhaust place to weld it back together. It was the first time I have seen a 3" system on an S3 and wow, that is ****** close, with the hanger broken it is hitting the prop, that said, I imagine with the hanger fixed it will still be mighty close.

Took advantage of the half decent weather and gave it a wash and coat of spray wax, looks well.



Ian W

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Spent a couple hours on the S3 on Saturday, three jobs done, all revolving the driver door..
  1. Mostly fixed terrible alignment, when I bought it, the door was way off, the bottom poked out a good 4 or 5mm, couple that with the fact that the door blade was pulling away at the opening end just heightening the problem.
  2. Repaired the door blade.
  3. Repaired the leather on the door code that had come away.
Door alignment was resolved by adjusting the wedges on the door frame, the bottom is now perfect, the top still needs a bit of work but is so much better than it was.

I wasn't really planning on sorting the door blade on Saturday but messing with the door disturbed it even more to the point were it was half hanging off, repaired it by drilling some pilot holes through the plastic backing and screwed it all together, refitted and it looks spot on :)

Finally, the leather on the door card fell away from the card as soon as we got a bit of sun earlier this year, did the same repair I did on my old one with some contact adhesive which held up fine and so far, looks great.



Ian W

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I've managed to tick a few other jobs off the list on the S3 recently :)

Back at the beginning of March, I booked a PDR chap to look at removing a crease and a few little dents on the bonnet, it looked like something had fallen on it while it was in a garage, was only really visible in certain lights but I knew it was there and wanted it gone as the rest of the car is straight as an arrow, long story short, the chap removed the damage but in doing so, damaged the lacquer, straight away arranged for it to be repainted at his cost so no complaints from me there. The painter did a top job and I now have a bonnet with no dents and no stone chips for very little money :)

Over the Easter weekend I found time to fix the leather trim on the passenger door card and I cleaned and conditioned the leather which has come up lovely, drove it for the first time today since I did it and the leather feels much softer, well maybe it is in my imagination but it is certainly less shiny and looks better.

Finally, I had the DIS replaced as I had a few missing pixels, wasn't too bad but for the relatively small cost I think it makes it much nicer to look at when it works as it should.



All being well, wheel refurb in May and I will have chance to machine polish it soon.

Still loving it :D

Ian W

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What kind of machine polisher do you use? Been thinking of getting one to give mine a go over but wouldn't mind knowing a half decent one to get.

I have a DAS6 dual action, I must have had it a good ten years but it always returns good results with the right pad / product combo

My previous ming blue S3 came up a treat considering it was pretty flat with a lot a defects prior to polishing.


Ian W

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That looks excellent. Mine is also a ming blue one. Over the years you have used one what pads and products have you found works the best?

I'm a little bit out of touch but i've found Hexlogic pads are brilliant, product wise it depends what you want to do, I gave up trying to perform high levels of correction years ago, nowadays, I used Dodo Juice Lime Prime which is great at cleaning the paint and really making the colour show, IMO.