Back in an S3, this time Imola!


Its a weapon alright !! lol


:) :)

Does this even get traction hahah


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Little update...

Took off the baileys dv and put on a new 710n dv from Stoke Audi. The car is now no longer whooshing and chirruping on gear changes, more civilised for everyday driving!




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Another wee update...

Got my black wing mirror caps, that I won on eBay, on yesterday... Think it looks really smart now!...





Oh and used the how to on here and retro fitted the cruise control, bit of a job, but great to have got it in and working!! Really nice to have...



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Preferred the previous wheels and silver mirrors too. Sorry, not sure black works for the wheels or mirrors IMO. Cracking looking motor though.


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Another wee update...

Got some trim bits through from a friend who is breaking an S3, namely a bit in the door, two bits either side of the transmission tunnel in the rear floor, and a vent for the drivers side. No photos of this other than the bit on the door...

Old and new side by side..


Milestone on the old odometer...


And the **** news was that I hit a pot hole on the way to work and it blew the front nearside tyre!! Ffs!

Taken a good chunk out of the nice,new to me, black alloy! Aaarrrgghh. So got two front tyres whilst i was at it as they had seen their best and were about 3mm. Beggars couldn't be choosers though as I had it in the garage across the road from work and needed it done to get home. The spare is in the car but I didn't have a jack, the kit I have discovered isn't complete and missing a good few bits!

So the tyres I put on were Goodyear efficient grip. Will see how they perform, the reviews aren't too bad. Payed £240 for two.

Here is the chunk...the white stuff is from where the new tyres went on (why do garages never give this a clean off!!)




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That's some chunk of alloy missing from your wheel dude looks real nasty.. I have the same wheels, I'm painting them this w.e with black plasti dip, just wondering, is it plasti dip you used to do your wheels?

Also I noticed your side diffuser has had a lick of that plasti dip as well?

Cheers buddy, stay clear of those pot holes lol


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Hi Sam, the wheels have been painted properly, I bought them done. And this goes for the side skirts too. I think the plasti dip on the wheels is best left for someone who is good at using the stuff, I'd **** it up! Lol.

Going to buy a can of black paint to tidy up the wheel.


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Got myself a polo rear wiper to put on, and some oil piping to route the catch 'breather' rearwards like others have..

oh and got this off ebay... purely cosmetic...



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A few wee things to update...

Got a replacement cup holder for the dash, mine wasn't springing out. Replacement rear ash tray, as mine was cracked and as a result the lid was wonky, and a wee bit of rubber trim for inside the pen holder tray bit beside the handbrake!

I also removed the rear rings and reprinted them as they needed it, and changed the rear wiper for one off a polo to smarten up that as mine had a bit cracked off.

......nothing exciting.......

Routed the outlet pipe from the catch can set up down and out of the engine bay and zip tied it along the fuel lines to the rear of the car. Previously it had a wee filter on the top of the catch can itself but there was a slight smell through the cars vents in the cabin, so finally sourced some piping and sorted this out! Hopefully no more smells in the cabin!

And very happy about this one...

This plate wasn't available when I got the car back in March, but was randomly looking the other day for a plate and low and behold it was now available to buy! Woohoo, just had to get it!....



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Looking good Guy, I've just bought a Cupra splitter to nail on the noggy S3


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Bit of clay bar action from yesterday! Continuing today! The tar was bad!....stopped about half eight last night as it was just getting too dark, even working with Imola!





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Lovely cars... and the first lot of wheels on these pics look sweet on the Imola S3.

Do I win any prizes for having an Imola Yellow + Merlin Purple S3 on the same drive?


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lovely car I have an imola yellow too. loving the look of yours mine is 100% standard atm


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Well another five hours clay barring yesterday and she's finished! Gave it good wax after too! Smooth a shiney now!


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Guy, are you going to go black optics on the RS as well ?
Have you seen the thread on SRS ?


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Couple of pics from a week or so ago, going south over the Cairn O Mount road Aberdeenshire....




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Some lovely views there dude.

Fantastic S3, and I'm a BIG fan of RS4s. Looks amazing in red.


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Winter tyres on...bit of a saga though...I knew that the offside rear spacer had a bolt on to the hub that may cause issues when going to take it off! Was like this when I bought the had obviously been tackled before and looked like they had resorted to welding to get the bolt out... So I took a trip to the local smiddy but it was shut up, so after a chat with the brother, who's handy with tools, I got out the grinder!

I knew the bolt was going to be a write off as well as the spacer (the threads from wheel to spacer were ******) so I went at it with the grinder, hoping not to damage the hub and hoping that the hub threads were ok.

Here's the the spacer off after about two hours.. And now have the 17" seat wheels on..





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Not much to report here...back squirter stopped working, prob due to me trying to use it whilst it was below zero and frozen up! Traced the leak to here though and now all good! Been a good excuse to take some frosty pics...

Sorry for the crap iphone pictures... The pipe runs up through the wiring run seen in the middle of shot..and has a connection joint in there, f knows why!






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Nice pics, I'm lazy, so never investigated for myself where the rear washer leaks from, if thats the same place on mine, i'm annoyed i never spotted that when i did the wiring for my amp ages ago.


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use the rear washer and if you have a puddle just behind the N/side front wheel - it is this joint - my boys was the same - easy fix


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Just a wee update....

Got a puncture on the front near side, so brand new cooper winter tyre on...

Then wife called on Saturday morning, she had the car at work and said the back windscreen was completely cracked all over on the inside of the car, and no idea how it happened...

So after a bit of to and fro'ing with the insurance company, auto glass couldn't do it until second week in May!! I've got auto windscreens doing out tomorrow hopefully to fit a new rear! Getting the screen with satnav aerial and gps built in. Not sure what the gps bit is, but this is what the guy from autowindscreen was saying. I reckon the gps and the satnav aerial are one and the same thing? Who knows...

Anyway, hoping to have the car back up and running later tomorrow...

Oh and bought some nuvolari wheels for it, which will be a spare set instead of the Seat Leon wheels that are on it at the mo.


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Passed its MOT today! Woohoo! Also got my sachuci Michi oil catch can fitted on Monday, so much happier than the previous ebay set up, some proper grade hosing too...ignore the random bit of black pipe in the first photo, that's from the old set up, which I removed after taking the picture, had to get an Imola striped can too! Lol, vented back in to the tip via pcv under the tip.




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About time I updated this thread....

So since the last update, the car is back on it's winters again.

I've changed out the the end of the drivers skirt, just in front of the rear tyre, mine was cracked underneath and managed to get an imola one in good condition from a breaker in Nairn (towards Inverness)!

Then the big job recently was getting to the bottom of a water leak which was causing a damp patch in the drivers footwell...

Basically I found two sources for the water ingress... One was from the floor pan, through a grommet/bung which was under the rear drivers side will explain. And the other was through where the bonnet release cable runs up through the scuttle. This second leak was only found on checking for about the third time. I eventually uncovered that the grommet around the cable was half through the hole and covering this up was a previous attempt to solve the problem, by basically clarting it in a black sealant, but which wasn't actually doing the job. To the untrained eye in this area it looked to me that the sealant was oem, which is why I initially ruled this out as a cause of the leak. Double checked later with water poured in the area, revealing that it was actually leaking!

So yeh, I've had the scuttle off about five times! Can get that wiper motor mechanism out pretty quick now! Haha. And I've also had the whole interior carpet out! Was a challenge but satisfying, and managed to give it a shampoo whilst it was out! All the interior went back in without losing a single screw too! Phew!

The rear poor condition.. I replaced the other side too as a precaution..



The big find!.lol



Handy having an Aga! It was in the kitchen drying out for a day and a half! The foam underneath had been acting as a big sponge!



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Once the car was back together I then found time last week to fit new discs and pads all round, the old discs were in a bad way on the inner faces. No fancy setup, just Pagid discs and pads from eurocarparts, a good discount on them too. £170 all in.




New rear...


New front..


And finally the other thing that I've done is replace the top of my gear stick from a tired looking momo top to the oem 6 speed one. I removed the oem one from a second hand knob and gaitor that I bought on here and then found out that there was no way I was going to get the original one to fit with what I've since found out is an aftermarket short shifter by B&M, which apparently is a good one. The knob however was a momo attached to the top of the shaft. I'm happy with the outcome as I keep the short shifter and the top looks oem...


The old momo...



Noggies ruuuule!
Nice updates! Great work finding that leak too. I'll certainly keep it at the back of my mind if I get wet floors! I think I'll also check out the condition of my rubber bungs next time the mule is on the ramp...


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Where did you buy the gromits for under the scuttle? The work you've done diagnosing that helps me tons!! Huge appreciation. I've had to throw out the floor carpet, its ruined.


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Where did you buy the gromits for under the scuttle? The work you've done diagnosing that helps me tons!! Huge appreciation. I've had to throw out the floor carpet, its ruined.

Cheers! I got the grommets off of eBay, they are a 40mm grommet, there are a couple of part numbers for he same thing, or very similar. I'll find my invoice and post up what the number was. Do a search for Audi/VW 40mm grommet, that will probably work too. HTH