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Having shifted on my B9 RS5 earlier this year I was needling something a bit more ‘raw’ if that makes sense.
Choices were E63S, M5 or C7 RS6.
The Merc and BM were still coming in at too expensive which left the RS6, I briefly owned one in 2017 and it’s still the most complete car I ever owned. Never really got it out of my system so this was a natural choice. Was headed for a PE but then someone made me an offer I couldn’t refuse and (as you will read) it’s a proper unicorn.
2015 65 plate in Misano Red with black interior.
Dynamic plus pack
Night vision
Audi Connect
Parking pack advanced
Didn’t have two of my must haves (pano roof and ACC) but the previous owner had put a lot of TLC into it plus put on 22’’ OEM C8 Vorsprung alloys and MP4S tyres all new.
Why is it a unicorn?
Up until May this year it was owned by Audi themselves in their own collection.
For its most recent MOT in March it had done all of 945 miles…..
Current mileage is 3500, all on a 6 year old car.
There literally isn’t a mark anywhere on the car it’s essentially new. It’s a stunning bit of kit.
Plans? Well PPF for one! Then black out all the chrome and tint the windows. Looking to get a Milltek or similar on as they sound epic on the C7. Apart from that keep it as stock as I can, it’s too special to go tuning it etc and the ultra low mileage will help keep a really strong value.
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