Back in an Audi again.


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After I had to turn in my company A3 I went to an Ateca. Which I really liked, but then I quit my job and no new fancy cars for me.

I saved some money and got myself a Peugeot 308 SW 1.6 thp (yeah, what the h*ll was I thinking)

Convinced my girlfriend to let me spend some money on a car and the search started.
I had a few "demands";
- No black or silver car, I wanted a bright colour (and Oh boy, did I succeed)
- Sport or S-line version (no black borders around the wheelarches)
- 1.4 petrol engine

So there I went on all the car sites available and found a couple that fitted my wishlist but at the higher end of our budget. One really caught our eye but was gone before we got the chance.

But then... A car very similar to the one we fancied popped up, so similar I was thinking it might be the same car. And it was! (It was first for sale at an Audi dealer and another dealer got it from them in a trade, an R8 for several more acceptabel cars)

So here I present our new car, girlfriend has named it Bumblebee for obvious reasons.

A late 2016 Q2 1.4 S-line in the amazing Vegas Yellow with;
Virtual cockpit
MMI + (with apple carplay and android auto)
Audi music interface
Active lane-assist
adaptive cruisecontrol
full led headlights and taillights
Mood lighting interior
semi-leather seats
electri lumbar support.
19" rotor wheels. (fitted later as we found out)


But then a friend found something out that was rather interesting.
This car was an Audi demo here in The Netherlands (probally why it was spec'd as high as it is. over 15k euro's in options)

We found a test by Autoweek online and even a few photo's on the Audi website.

And it was lent to a professional skier who was sponsored by Auto Netherlands:

Kinda cool owning a car with a bit of history.
(Sorry for the long post :whistle2:)

Short list of upcoming work:
New software version
Detachable towbar
probally a set of new wheels, not sure which ones yet, but found these rotors always a bit boring)
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Love the Color !!!


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Welcome back!
Great to hear the history behind your car too


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Congratulations... love Rotors!


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19" rotor wheels. (fitted later as we found out)
probally a set of new wheels, not sure which ones yet, but found these rotors always a bit boring)

Lovely, and perfect on AUDI Rotors! What GREAT taste the previous owner had!

Just swapping OUR SQ5 to AUDI 21-inch Rotors - here with Continental TS860S 'winter' rubber:

SQ5 winter rotors.jpg

Come summer, our SQ5 will be on summer Rotors that'll look the same as yours in AUDI Titanium with a diamond cut finish: soo easy to wash, clean, maintain...

SQ5 summer Rotors.JPG

To be fitted next month with Continental SportContact 6 summer rubber: for sure I DO NOT find AUDI Rotors boring but stunning! But each to their own...

Love the colour, mind; but then I would as THIS was 'our' 45bvtc - with 'boring' but similar Minilites - and that's maybe why I like AUDI Rotors sooo much:


PS: after 37-years of ownership and/but 10-years gone am now trying to buy it back...


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Thanks guys, I'm really happy with the car.

As for the Rotors, I know they are well loved, but just not my cup of tea (as you guys say). I havn't found any other set of wheels I really like on the Q2, so these will stay on for a while. (1 has some real ugly damage on them, there is even a gash in the side of the tire)