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Back ground braking !

jonathan curtis Jan 31, 2017

  1. jonathan curtis

    jonathan curtis New Member

    I have a 2016 RS6 performance. Late 2016
    Amazing car but over last 4 months I can feel it brake when not using brakes or cruising gently. Always lasts 2-3 seconds then fine.. In wet conditions can be every mile or so.
    I know it warms/cleans the ceramic brakes but should you be able to feel it..

    Any one else seen this.. as annoying now

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  3. DavidOK

    DavidOK New Member

    I have RS6 2015 not performance and you're right that the brakes are dried in wet conditions but you should never be able to feel this. I certainly never have. If you think that the car is braking and can feel the same I'd stick it straight into Audi as you're obviously under warranty.

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