back from Egypt


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I got back early this morning after having spent almost 3 weeks in Egypt, in makadi bay near hurghada, and this has to be one of the best trips I have ever been on.
I will admit I was a little worried with the current problems they have over there but had been watching the governments travel advice who said it was still ok to travel to Red Sea areas, but I must say I have never been made to feel more welcome or safe to be honest in all my trips around the world.

the people are so welcoming and you would never know there any issues in the country. This is in part that I was about 300 odd miles away from Cairo and the troubled areas and the fact that the resort areas aren't talking about it or seeming to show it on tv.

the people who are making it sound like its not safe to travel is the western media like bbc and CNN etc. The local people of the Red Sea resorts are doing there utmost to make you welcome and safe as they know, and told us that if the tourists go they have nothing and most would loose their jobs etc, and they are themselves getting annoyed with the way western media is portraying Egypt at the moment. they know they have issues and can't wait for it to be sorted but want people to know that the issues are in the north of the country and the tourist areas are safe.

the country is a beautiful place with fabulous people and amazing diving/snorkelling etc. The only downside was that neither Thomas cook nor local tour operators wanted to risk taking tourist to Cairo (which I expected) or to Luxor /valley of the kings which I had hoped to do, but I did go quad biking in the desert which is a must do if you go.

So if your thinking of going then go for it, whilst I can only talk about makadi bay/ hurghada area I'm sure the same applies to the sharm areas.

I can now also tell all those people who said I was stupid going and they would never go as its not safe etc and would rather cancel than risk it, that they clearly have know idea what they area talking about and should stop listening to others who also haven't got a clue, and just go enjoy themselves.


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I loved Egypt when we went last year, got engaged there in fact. Deffinately wanting to go back but will wait for the storm there to clear first.

Agree though, tourism will never be lost there, it must be just about there main source of income.