Back and Hello Again - RS6 Avant C6


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Hello all...Not new here, but been away for a very long time...I used to do some detailing for MRC's customers as well as quite a few of the members on other well known forums... but that's going back to circa 2010> when I had the B7 RS4's ..said it was a very long time.. have since hung up the rotary and wash mitts as it were.

I am briefly back in a C6 RS6 Avant , as it always eluded me the opportunity to own one, and its something i wanted to tick off the list as it were so was never planned as a long term relationship; I bought it back in June, just never got around to posting up; I had a change in car plans with a Macan Turbo arriving in the new year ,and so I knew if I didn't own one now, even for a short amount of time then the chance would be missed, having four cars is a bit excessive, and will have nowhere to park it, so will look to move it on later in the year, as its MOT is due nov (oct if do it early), so rather than trade it in, once the MOT is sorted will put it up on the forums first to see if there if interest as would rather see it go to another forum member and the logic is I wont get the idiots and dreamers that will get if put it up for sale elsewhere. Its going into MRC on the 23rd for a health check and dyno run, getting a new set of michelin pilots so with the MOT done when its due it will be sorted for the next owner.

I am very chuffed with it, give me no issues as yet, its been faultless and its all I expected it to be, but I did a lot of research to bag a good one (previously owned by Tony Gilham, owner of BTCC Team Hard Racing, we then bought it of a personal friend he sold it to) with lots of work done (engine came out for the 2 biggies of oil seals, coolant pipes done, as well as water pump, gearbox mount, bushes, control arms, discs pads, tyres etc plus more), and its a stage 1 with Miltek and sounds amazing....its one of those bitter/sweet moments as much as in awe of the Macan, I will really be sad to see the RS6 go, it is really the last of a breed, and whenever I see a B7 RS4 I still want another one (had 2 previously, plus a B8, but we wont talk about that)...its one of those 'have i done the right thing' moments everytime i get in the RS6 and hear that v10 with the Miltek, its a real 'love it or list it' moment.



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Have I seen this on autotrader?

Have you sold it already


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I would, but it’s come up at the wrong time. Gutted.
The price is very good though.